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O MY Bama, We actually agree on something.

Just another few comment about the proposed pipeline fairy tail. I don't agree with Obama on many things, yet on this issue I would be inclined too at least in part. He, as I, do have great concerns about the Ogallala aquifer which the line is set to run threw. We also have in common the understanding that the Republicans will try and pound anyone against the project as being anti jobs with their claims of 1000's of jobs being created. Their claims to this is not totally true. With most projects like this, there is actually very few new jobs created. Then in most cases the ones that are happen to be basic construction grunt work. There may be a few extra welders but that is questionable and maybe extra truckers hired to move the parts. This would most likely be the extent of it. If figures to refute this were presented I would be more than glad to acknowledge them and correct the view on the jobs issue. This is most likely one of those issues which many of us will end up repeating ourself one countless times over the coming months, so please bear with us. Once again there is just no need at all to make a move of this kind when simple extensions at the lower end of the existing pipeline to get to the desired target can be done without all the waste and destruction which is planned in order to replace an existing structure. We as a society in general have grown to the point where replacing instead of repair and improvements is the preferred means of doing anything.

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Yeah I definitely agree with you that improvements is the preferred means of doing anything.
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