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A Stronger Base for Economic Growth

In order to build the Montana economy there are a few steps we must take. One is to open up markets for our people. Big and small. We as I have stated many times must expand our field of operation not just in the agri businesses but manufacturing and local businesses. Next in this expansion we must not stick to just the basic forms of products, we must build a market around value added finished products. In an expansion of these markets it is important to remember that without a stable and efficient infrastructure to keep products and people moving freely it would do no good to have the products.

Big vs Little

There is much which can be done for our economic situation and the betterment of all people. There are certain things which is not thought about when discussing this matter though. From one side all we here is help the big man and the little guys will benefit from the fall out. This is only partly true and then not in all instances. Misguided individuals set things in motion which help the big money people which at times do have an economic fall out that some of our lesser privileged people gain from.

Free Markets Work for All

There is much argument as to the ailments within our economy and how to fix it. In this all too many people want the government to do the fixing. Truth is, they can't. The only thing which can boost our economy and keep it stable is for a free people to be able to take advantage of their abilities, ideas and personal drive to do better in a free market place. I know there are many who will have a cow over the "free market" comment. It is time those people get a grip on reality. The only ones who should have a problem with that term are fear mongers, those who think that it only pertains to large companies, or those who think that everyone should be just alike.

Sad But Determined

We are at a sad point in our history. Our society has been brainwashed by extremist into believing that all political office holders must be of only two parties and those are to be controlled by the extreme from within those parties. It always has to be one way or the other regardless of the consequences to the people. In most these cases claiming to be the majority. That in itself is an outright lie. They are only the majority of minorities. They may win an election with 51% of the vote, but when you take into account that on average less than 35% of the people voted isn't saying much.

Book Keeping Trickery

The Institute for Truth in Accounting list what is known as the top 5 "Sinkhole" states, which
are the worse off financially, and the top 5 "Sunshine" states, the best off. As for us here in
Montana there is both good and bad news. Good news is we are not a sinkhole state
according to the Institute. Unless you account for the fact that 40% of our budget is payed by
the Federal Government. Bad news is, neither are we a sunshine state. Good news: We do
tie for 7th place in the best state list budget wise.


In Montana we have had much work for and against Medical Cannabis. I would like to bring up a few things concerning plant. Not all of it medical. To begin with there are a few pharma drugs still derived from original plants. Most however are made from a man made copy plant essence. The problem here is that science as good as it may be always seems to miss something so an exact chemical copy is not possible. So these drugs never work as good as a plant based med. Not to mention the human body is not designed to withstand this kind of harsh chemical attack without causing problems.

Really Dumb Spending

Let's get back to spending and the budget here. I have spoken about our wasteful spending, here is a specific area.
Ok we live in a state which is rich in wildlife. Now it doesn't take much thought to realize that this wildlife will wander into our roadways. This brings up the bad spending of money. The "Deer Crossing" signs. Come on and be for real. It took a real bright bunch of individuals to bring up the purchase of these things and even brighter to actually purchase and distribute them. I'm really surprised that the elk, bear, badger, and on and on, activist haven't insisted that they have signs for their Prefered animal. Like I said we don't need this waste of money to tell us they may be in the road. And for the real good ones which state, "Deer Xing next 2 miles". Like the deer read those signs and know that they can only cross in that 2 mile zone. What I would like to see is the removal of these totally lame waste of our money and sell them to some other state filled with idiots who don't know animals play in the road.

Our Chance to Build a Great Future For Montana Families

You will see a good number of postings and hear me speak about the growing of hemp and the importance to our economy and many other areas. The benefits of this aspect being added to our agricultural base can not be stressed enough. I will approach this posting from a different angle in order to show just how much the population at a whole can gain.
It has been pointed out that the large farmers are hesitant to make this move out of fear of loosing their subsidies. Although in growing hemp they would by far make out better by doing so.

How Candidates are Taught to Win Elections

 Have you noticed that most campaigns for office sound pretty much alike. The reason they sound this way is because they are. I have and will continue to lay out specific points on how and why I feel certain things need to be done. If I point out something I see wrong with other candidates or their parties ways, I will do my best to say why and give an alternative. This my friends is not the norm.
Very few campaigns in recent history have been built on actual facts or ideas on solutions as much as they have been to demonize and finger pointing.

Leading By Example

It have had a thought of mine re-affirmed by someone who has been speaking with a some farmers around the state. Here is where our so called conservative base is heading. They cry and moan about federal spending, yet they are not wild about commercial hemp even though it would bring in massive money and jobs into our state. The reason. Federal Subsidies. They are making too much of the Federal teet for doing nothing.
I on the other hand will be putting my actions where my mouth is. If anyone has looked at the license procedure and the expiration date of said license for growing hemp in Montana you will see there is no sense in going through the process before next spring. Although I am at total odds with the state for the stupid hoops they require to obtain a commercial hemp license and will fight like mad to get this asinine procedure removed, I will be obtaining one next spring and will be planting my crop. Even without a processor to handle this crop. It matters not to me if I grind it all up in a chipper/threader and add it to other ingredients to make compost it is the fact that I actually did it putting my actions where my mouth is and challenging the establishment.