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Ashamed and Sad

Aug.2,2011, I was in Great Falls for the day. There was an instance which made me sad and ashame of what our culture is coming to. A firetruck was trying to make it's way down 10th Ave., sirens blaring. Yet the traffic would not pull over to let this emergency vehicle through. This people is RUDE, CHILDISH, SELF-CENTERED AND NON CARING. These same people would be the first to raise hell if it were their home or a family member in need of emergency action and the crews could not get their in time. What ever happened to giving a damn and doing the right thing. Oh, I forgot. This is modern day America. My bad.

Removing The Road Blocks

 One move I will make as Governor of Montana will be to eliminate the red tape involved in order to grow hemp. There is no reason what so ever to have to pass a background check, be finger printed or pay a yearly fee in order to grow a plant such as hemp. We don't require this of farmers of other food, energy, or building material goods. Hemp farmers are no different from those raising wheat, corn, cotton, hay, or beets. Any legislator who does not want to go to war with me on this issue needs to resign from office and stay out of public office. To borrow a phase from someone else I know, "NUFF SAID!".

Montana Budget

Here are a few issues with the Montana budget which we must work to get under control. The 2012 Biennium Budget adopted by the 62nd Legislature comes to the grand total of $10.5 Billion dollars. Of this 40.9% is paid for by the Federal Government. As long as this kind of financial BS continues we will be under the thumb of the Federal Government. We must wean ourself from the Federal teet if we are to survive as a state in control of our own destinies.
With this kind of control over us is one reason the Feds are so fast to try and break bad on us here in Montana.

National Budget Issue

As I had been telling people for 3 or 4 weeks now, the fools in Washington did just as I had said. The deal has been cut. It has most likely been made weeks ago. They just had to play the game out and try to scare the public. Also in waiting for the last minute to announce the deal many will look at these low lifes as heros. Let's take a look at this deal we have been stuck with. 1) Dept will go up. 2) The cuts they are offering will be played out over a 10 year period. (that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things).

On The Trail

Had a wonderful day Friday July 29th. Spent the day in Helena at the Last Chance Stampede and Fair walking around introducing my self and talking with people about our upcoming Governors election. Although according to the media I am not actively campaigning. I would like to know what it is called that I am doing. No, I did not as the Repubs and Dems did have a booth, where we tried to bluff our way through by handing out balloons to the kids or workers who may and may not have known anything about the people they were handing out stickers for.

More Budget Plans

Touching base once more on budget issues here in Montana. Once again I will begin with the state sharpening their pencils so to speak where spending is concerned. This alone will save us millions of dollars off the budget. I have been looking into the money our state motor pool spends. Over 30 million a year. In looking into this I will give credit where it is due. They have been doing just what I believe needs to be done. Sharpening their pencils. The motor pool has been searching for a means to better keep up with state owned vehicles, their use and cost to the state and abusive use by state employees of these vehicles which also cost us money.

Narrow Views by Our Leaders and Farmers

As all know, Montana is primarily an agricultural state. It is the largest industry we have. In my view we have had a very limited view of how to go about this. Our leaders and farmers are stuck in the "this is cow country" mentality and thus holding our economy back. I'll deal with a few of the issues here with more to follow in later blogs.
First off we raise better than 3 million cattle a year here in Montana, Yet 90% of these are shipped out of state for slaughter and processing.

Utilize All Options

Our energy usage and production is a very talked about subject. Most people have their view on which is best for our coarse of action in order to produce the power we need in a cleaner more efficient way. I agree, we do need to look for the best means to do this. I had done a study on energy production a little over a year ago and posted many articles on the subject on a political discussion site. When we speak of energy production most people like myself would like to see our dependence on oil from other counties reduced.

Weekend for Freedom

It's Saterday night July 23rd. I'm at Ryan Creek Meadows outside Missoula
for Cannafest Destiny. An event sponsored by MTCIA to help raise funds for legal fees and awareness for the Medical cannabis issue. Commercial Hemp, it's history and future was also talked about in length. I am glad to be having a part in this event in a few ways. I have been able to lend a hand in a few areas. Laying out electric cable for the vendors, parking vehicles, assisting a couple of venders with their booths, and even helping one person in a wheel chair to get from the parking lot to the event area.

A Little More on Our Budget Issues

We have problems which need to be addressed, such as Millions of dollars going out with each budget with no questions asked and no oversight.
We also have much complaint about Federal spending yet Montana brings in roughly $1.50 from the Feds for every $1 that is paid into the Federal system in taxes by Montanans. The Federal Government can not continue to carry us like this. This instance is also one reason why we really catch the raw end of things when they hold back on spending. The Federal Government also has us in a pinch. They get to use this fact as a blackmail point so to speak when we stray away from their power grab over the states. Montana does have the resources and potential to ween ourself off of the Federal milk bag. In fact for our survival this is imperative for us to do.The less we depend on them the less control they have over us. Then and only then can we claim to be a free state.