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#1 in Budget Series

I was recently asked about budget issues. Which in and of itself is not a simple nor uncomplicated issue. More so due to the fact that we have created within our government a complex monster with too much waste, overlapping and just down right stupid spending.Also with budget concerns we have real problem with projected revenues. The Legislature uses one set of figures while the Governors office always seem to use a different set. I for one would be more inclined to use a more realistic (conservative for lack of a better word) figure.Unlike many of our office holders, I find it imperative to have a comprehensive jobs creation effort in the works. With such a move we build a stronger economy and expand the "tax base" WITHOUT increasing taxes. Thus giving us a better financial standing to do the things we need done. Add to this an increase in royalties the state receives from other industries where we can expand them and we set the stage for productive budgeting.I will say here that in my efforts to work on the budget issues of the state there are vital areas to look at before we consider cutting anything. These areas include but are not limited to our everyday expenditures, such as office materials, equipment and the likes. This procedure needs to be put into effect for everything the state spends money on: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary offices, DHHS, Schools, the state motor pool, just to name a few. Anything we spend money that we can obtain for less elsewhere, we need to shift the spending. Over paying for anything is not an option. We have to without any question get the most we can out of what we have.I would like to see us be able to trim the spending without having to cut anything at first(most states and the Fed.Gov. would benefit greatly from this one step). This would give us more time to look seriously at the rest of things and how they each effect other areas giving us a better view of what we can and can not do. This is far from the overall means to deal with our budget. It is however a necessary first step.Keep looking for more to come on the budget. This is a subject which will have to be broke down over multiple postings.

Weapons are Our Right and Protection

Although this is being played out on the National scene it is also one which effects us here in Montana in a big way. The U.N. wants to have total control world wide over the ownership of firearms. Obama and Clinton are pushing this and telling the U.N. that it will be a done deal. Problem here Evil Emperor President Obama, this is not yours to do. What you want done has to be approved by 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate. Next, Intergalactic Council U.N. has NO POWER WHAT SO EVER OVER WHAT WE DO ON U.

A Radical What If

We all know what it's like to feel like we are not getting represented. As if those who get elected are only thinking about the ones who think and feel as they do and nobody else matters. Yet we keep putting the same two sets of people in office over and over. Now lets think about this for a few minutes. There are two ways to do something about this. One is to start election 3rd party people in office to help get views from the rest of us that don't fit with the main 2. This doesn't have to be a majority.

More Job Creation/Money Saving Points

Here's another on jobs. We have area of the state where the woodlands are so thick with growth that it is difficult for humans to be able to walk through. For large wildlife it is even worse. In some areas this has become such a problem that elk are moving to other areas. I am a firm believer in taking care of our environment and in making sure we have a sound ecosystem for years to come. In our efforts to protect this system and our wildlife, we have the habit of overkill. I have seen this happen in Mississippi when in the name of conservation it went too far and the deer population took a major hit.


Most things we do in life are intermingled whether we acknowlege it or not. This is the first of a series which will be posted on some of these issues. With this series I will also point out some of the insane things which are done within our culture. Please hang with me as I start this. Even though you may feel it is going no where, it all ties end and understanding will be yours.
This is a cross over comparison on medicine, and jobs. I must start by pointing out that the medical practices of MD's is called Alleopathic.


Lately the term viable was used in relation to my campaign for the office of Governor of Montana. I'm considered non-viable by some. Why? Simply put I am not a Repub or a Dem. Yet only about a third of voters actually claim to be Repub and about an equal number for the Dems. This leaves the other third for third party or independents (who swing from one to the other) Yet most of this bunch when it comes down to it could easily fit into the range of those who would support me. If they didn't feel they just had to go major party.


I had over a couple of months before entering the Governors race given thought to who I may would consider as a running mate. I had two thoughts on this. 1) to have one from the canna community who would fight our legislature with me on cannabis and job. 2) a better known political figure who would do the same thing. In this I had a couple of thoughts from the 1st catagory and 2 repubs and 4 dems from the second. One of which was Dave Wanzenried. I was sad to see him out of the race for a few reasons, I was equally sad to see him enter it due to my thoughts of a running mate.

A Die Hard Fact About Medical Cannabis

I got really tired this last legislative session with the whining about how many Med.Cannabis patients we have in this state.
Now time for a reality check. When everything is considered we could have many more Cannabis patients than we do now. 1st-the age demographic. Look at the number of elderly we have in this state. Cannabis is a great med for many of the ills which this age group are prone to. 2nd-there are over 18,000 people on SSI alone. Once again the bulk of them would benefit from Cannabis.


byRon Vandevenderon Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 8:40pm
Montana, a long history of strong people and an independant nature. A land full of riches, beauty and wide open spaces. A place where freedom has always been cherished. A place where the people have ruled the government more than being ruled by it. Of late we have taken a horrible turn in the other direction. We are every day being controlled more and more by a fringe group of uninformed, self-appointed dieties on one side of the isle and those who want to cave to Washington pressure on the other.

A Little Thought

I'm all for helping our environment, most people have no idea just how much nature and our environment really means to me. Yet I am also a realist. This little post has nothing to do with the oil industry, that is another subject altogether. We use our vehicles, our electronics, mega amounts of plastic and we have to eat. All the ones who want to shut down any and all means of producing the material we need to supply these things need to learn how to survive as we did in the middle ages. They would not be so adament about things then.