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  I look forward to an exciting 2018 Legislative Race for MT HD 80. Personnel is being put in place for all aspects of the campaign from material distribution, setting up meetings, recruitment of others and fund raising. Come join our team and be a part of something exciting.

There is much info on here that was published when I was the Governors candidate in 2012. My stands have not changed. These are all things I will stand on as a Legislator serving the state of Montana.
 Contact Number - Campaign Phone Line
   406-422-3474 to reach Ron or use my home phone 406-534-2639.
Endorsed by:

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Interview w/ Ron Vandevender - Libertarian candidate for Governor - Montana
Please Note: The audio in this recording may need to be turned up to hear me in this recording because I had to adjust the volume - it is still an information filled interview.9/4/2012 (Tuesday) int...
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A little about Ron his web page and campaign.
We can now be followed on Twitter @ Ron_for_Montana, and Ron Vandevender on FaceBook. E-mail - Marc can be reached at
 There is also a second e-mail for the people of Montana to send in their thoughts and ideas. After all it is your state. What you think is important to us.
To encourage all who will to get involved it is important to remember that all politics including National politics IS LOCAL POLITICS. If we want to make changes it must be done on the state and local level first.
Endorsed by The Boston Tea Party National Committee
“The BTP supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level..
We need a Legislators who will stand up to status quo politicians and let them know that we the people of Montana run the state of Montana and that our freedoms will not go away quietly into the night. We as Montanans will not allow that.
We have to have an environment in which anyone can pursue the opportunity to start a business, including someone who just wants to run one out of their home. Not just franchises and so called small business making a few hundred thousand dollars a year.
We must be allowed to reasonably use our natural resources and to mine or harvest them. This can be done and protect our environment, keeping Montana the beautiful and pristine place we all love.
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