Ron Vandevender - Company Message
The death penalty is one of those areas that I have had a change of views on over the years. At one time it did act as a deterent to some crimes. This isn't so much the case any more. For this to be an effective anti-crime measure constitutes a society where respect for others, their property, rights and freedoms must be the driving factor in life. Sad to say, but this is not so common in the American culture anymore. Other things to consider is the fact our legal system has gone way of course and has many flaws which must be addressed. We have jailed too many people falsely for one reason or another and years later find out the truth only to turn them loose. The appeals process is also very long, drawn out and expensive on our people. Yet in the current shape of our legal system it is almost required. Executing people in this type environment is iffy at best. Do I believe that there are those who should suffer this punishment? YES. We have had those who were so horrid in their actions that it would be doing society a favor by doing away with them and not costing the tax payers to keep them locked away forever. Yet there are few in recent history to fall under this category. At some point in the future when we regain a respectful society and clean up our legal system maybe then and only then would the death penalty be an option. Even then it is questionable.
I have sense enough to realize that times change and what worked at one time is no longer of any use or that things that did not work at one time may work now. In my view the Death Penalty is one of these that is no longer a sensible alternative. Thus we need to move to Life Without Parole as the current method of punishment.