Ron Vandevender - Company Message

 The donate button has been removed at this time due to changes in banking at our end. We hope to have this issue resolved shortly.


Montana is your state, help me treat it as such and fight for you and your family. Help me in reaching out to others and traveling around our great state to meet with people.
To make a donation on line simply use the "DONATE" button at the top. If you would perfer to mail a donation by credit/debit or check please use the above "DONATE" button, print a copy of that page and mail to:
Ron Vandevender
P.O.Box 216
Wolf Creek, MT 59648
Our funds will not be used for mass repeat mailings of postcards to clog up mail boxes which waste paper and money. Your donations will be used for making direct personal contact with others.
The limits listed below are just that, Max Limits for donations per election, not what we expect. Many can not contribute that high. Please remember that every dollar helps. Even if they are only $5, $10, or $20.

Max donation from an individual is $160 per election. A primary and general election are considered as two elections.
Being able to get information to and from the public is the only way to have a successful run for office. This does take funding to do. If you are one who is tired of the same old routine out of our officials, please make a contribution to this campaign, and help to make a difference.
Thank you for not just myself but on behalf of the people of Montana for any and all contributions to this campaign.