Ron Vandevender - Company Message
Being that I have been involved in politics for some 35 or so years now and extremely tired of the total line we as a people are handed by the major parties, I have chosen this page to lower the boom so to speak. It is deplorable the way we are talked down to and played for idiots by them.
I will be giving tips about the tricks used by party insiders.
For the most part when primaries come around it really doesn't matter much which person you pick within a party. Candidates are given "talking points" (especially on the national level) These are to be used by the candidates whenever they speak or have material printed. Thus one Democrat sounds like all the rest. Same goes for the Republicans.
They also use emotional hot topics to get our emotions fired up. Most of the time these are areas they know they will actually do nothing about. Many of them coming down to personal beliefs and life styles of the individual. They use terms such as "Family Values", "Abortion", "The Rich Don't Pay Taxes", "Special Rights"(where the only thing sought are equal rights), "Traditional" this or that, just to name a few.
Many of these may be based partially on fact, but mostly on the premise of let's get everyone stirred up so we can avoid real issues, or to get us to fighting between ourselves and bashing each other for being different. Then when it comes down to values even the different sectors of a particular belief system don't agree on what is "Morally" right or wrong.
We CAN NOT allow ourselves to be sucked into this any longer. Our state and country has far to many things which we should insist on our elected officials to deal with.
I don't want to drag this out into a lecture or to put any belief system down. This is America. We all have rights and freedoms which must be upheld. The main thing to remember is that whether you are Catholic, Prodestant, Pagan, Muslim, or no affiliation with any of them, each set of us has our own beliefs on the "Hot Topic" points based on "Values" or "Morality". We all have our own view on what constitutes a Marriage, Family, and so on. No one has the right to force any of us to conform to their belief, nor us to force ours on them. We cannot legislate Morality and personal values. It never has worked and never will.
Please help me to start our state back on the track to the basics of government, protect our rights as individuals and fight for a pro-active government and not a reactive one.