Ron Vandevender - Company Message
This is the first of many posting I will be making concerning energy production and laying out my plans for the energy policies I would like to see for Montana. Where the energy needs of our state and nation are concerned, most people are basically semi informed on the facts. They will either yell drill, drill, drill, Dig more and more coal, let's build more solar and wind power or let's grow hemp on a small 6% or less scale, or bio-mass use. Each one claiming that their one point of view will solve all our energy needs and create a self sufficient society and totally cut our dependence on foreign oil.
The pro big oil with the drilling have people believing that renewable energy is a farce and they will save us all with more drilling. And the renewable energy folks want you to believe that there is no need to drill. And so on and so on.
THIS MY FRIENDS IS NOT TRUE. Anyone from either side who tries to get you to believe this lame line of garbage has only lied in order to push a mis-informed agenda.
We have 3 kinds of energy needs in which we have to look at. Each one individually in order to come to workable solutions. 1)electrical production, 2)transportation, 3)heating. Depending on which one of these areas of energy use we are talking about dictates what kind of production means can be used. Our electrical production to cover usage will not be effected by drilling for more oil. Our transportation use production will not be covered much in the pursuit of solar and wind development.
Energy production is a major friction point within our society now and will continue to be so for the rest of mankinds existence. Like it or not this is the way things are. Although each of these 3 areas need to be covered separately for the most part there are a few (very few) where they will cross over from one to another. We will not solve our problems here in Montana by simply more drilling alone. The same goes for simply focusing on only more coal mining, more wind and solar, or more bio fuel/mass production individually. The good news is that we here in Montana are poised to take advantage of the energy production needs across the board and create a state that is independent from outside energy. This in return will be doing our part in creation of a nation with less need for outside dependence.
I will be over the near future going into this on a much deeper level, pointing out all the possibilities we have before us and how best to benefit from each. Bringing out the truth about the energy production myths all sides like to spin. Many will ask why I choose to do this. Truth is I have nothing to gain from the continued lies and myths which have been spread in the past. Unlike others in our economic/political world I have nothing to gain or loose by being truthful.
Due to the lengthy subject matter where it comes to our energy issues there is no way to cover them sufficiently on a page such as this intended to give an idea of how I intend on dealing with it. I will have to follow this page up in the blog section of the site over a series of postings in order to do justice to the subject and the public. I will in the blogs break things down and be as honest as humanly possible without being over technical or boring. In the meantime I would like to just point out main parts of the topic here. These areas I point out will be the production end of the subject only. The environmental aspects will we handled in a different manner in a separate series of postings.
We do need to produce more domestic oil. For Montana I would like to see our production pulled back up to at least our past peak amounts. In order to best benefit from this we need to look at not only how much crude we pull out of the ground and sell but also at gasoline production. We need to look very hard at building another refinery in Montana. Just as any other resource we have value added is better. Not only would refining our oil into gas here make for a better out of state market value this would also lower the cost of gas on the public here in our home state.
To go along with oil production we should also be looking heavier into alternative bios to help offset the amount of oil we need. When dealing with alternatives we should also be more open to the various means available. Montana is in a prime spot to benefit from the growth of hemp and the use of hemp oil in the production of bio fuel. The economic and environmental impact we could have from this move will also be covered in extra postings as it is a very large subject matter in itself.
Electrical production is a subject far removed from oil production although most politicians and environmental groups alike enjoy blowing hot air where this is concerned. Most electrical production comes from Hydro, Coal, Nuclear, Natural gas, solar, wind. In that order.
Personally I would not wish to see a Nuclear plant here in Montana and when checking out the needs to make such a move possible it is easy to see that this would not even really be feasible to look into. There are a few ways that more Hydro power could be added, Even another coal fired plant would not be removed from the table of possibilities (if environmental issues were dealt with sensibly). Added Wind and Solar on many levels is a must do on the individual house hold level on up to industrial sites. This would include outfitting city, county and state buildings with systems for this reason. Which would also lower the cost of operating our cities, counties and state thus lowering our budget needs. These area too I will be bringing out in much more details as we move along in the process.
Our next area of energy use is heating fuel production and cost.which we address. Propane, natural gas, electric, wood and solar can all play an important roll in this area.
For the most part each of these areas must be handles individually as there truthfully isn't major crossing over of one to another in our production of each type, although there are minor crossings. As I bring forth more info on what needs to be done, how and why, these areas will be covered. I hope you will follow up on future postings or contact me directly about these issues as energy use and production are and will remain a major part of moving forward and survival of out future generations and environment.