Ron Vandevender - Company Message
The matter of environmental issues is a subject which is distorted beyond belief by the extremes to either side. There are those on one side which want to deny that we have environmental problems and the other side wants to overdo it in the protection area. Neither side using much brain power.
Let's face it, there is not one thing we need or use in life which does not take from our environment in order to make. The fact of the matter is even one who is extremely environmentally concerned as myself needs to realize that we must mine, farm, drill and timber. On the other hand the other side needs to come to grips with reality and understand that just because we need these services, that it does not mean that these operations should be allowed to be a free for all raping of the planet and our resources.
We must for our survival be allowed to timber, mine, drill and so on. As our population grows so do our cities. Thus more stress on our surroundings and a higher demand for products which take materials out of the environment.
It is imperative that we use common sense and the best, efficient, and non destructive means possible in our endeavors of city expansions, farming, ranching, mining, drilling and timbering among other things. We must continue in our research for better methods to do these things and in creating products which cause less pollution, last longer, and uses less resources to produce. We must as a society recycle as much as we possibly can. I know that in some areas it is cheaper to make items from new resources than to recycle, but we should be more concerned with sound stewardship. If manufactures were more concerned with making products which lasted any amount of time instead of the cheap throw away garbage they now make, even the cost of recycling would not be an issue.
We need to continue to promote the growth of renewable energy sources and more fuel efficient vehicles.
We need better management of our woodlands so we can benefit as a society, insure healthy woodland growth without over crowding and making it easier to fight wildfires. To not timber at all causes deformed woodlands, diseased trees, and major fire hazards. Fires destroy the very woodlands that many people don't want to allow any timbering in, causes massive displacement of wildlife, they claim to want to protect, and air pollution to a grand scale. On top of these we expend many more resources trying to fight them. Not to mention huge amounts of money which we could use to help in our conservation efforts. Wild fires in areas which are overcrowded due to not being able to timber in a reasonable manner also harm our water sources. As you can see it is a devastating spiral of grief and destruction.
We should insist on reverse osmosis of our sewage treatment facilities.
This has been just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The whole issue of environmental use/protection is a spider web of give and take. This whole area of balance of use vs protect is one I will not allow the extremes of either side to continue to keep us in the dark over. We can protect and be able to use our resources at the same time.