Ron Vandevender - Company Message
It is no secret that our government (state and federal) have a spending problem. If this were an individual we would want them treated for some sort of Mental Disorder. Yet our elected officials pride themselves and want us to pat them on the back for this "Disorder". They use many ways to hide the truth from us. False stats or at least the twisted to support what they do and juggling books to make it look like they did something they didn't. Sounds like the old shell game to me.
The government buys things on bid, often at an inflated price. This is pure and simple hog wash. The state should NEVER buy something by contract that can be bought off the shelf anywhere in the state for less money. We are forced to shop for ourselves where we can get what we need or want for the least amount of our Hard Earned Cash. The State should do likewise.
Our government spends too much on duplicated paper work. Fancy name tags for our elected officials when a .50 tag from any office supply or other merchant does the job.
On another note. The department of Health and Human Services makes up the bulk of our budget. This does include our Department of Corrections. The largest piece of this pie is spent on Medicaid. Many insurance companies will fight with medical providers over the inflated cost which they try to charge and question the reasons behind test after test after test. The American Medical Assoc. claims that 3 out of 5 test ordered by doctors are un-needed. Why won't the State nail these providers to the wall and force them to lower cost, and stop insisting on useless procedures. This one step in itself would serve us on 4 fronts. 1) the state could save money and offer more help where needed for less money. 2) less spending on the states part means less taxes for them to stick us with. 3)medical cost come down across the board for everyone. Making health care more affordable. 4) Health Care cost come down, insurance companies can charge less for insurance and many more people could afford to pay for it.
Simple truth, our Government and officials need to get their collective stuff together and control spending.
I will fight to cut every useless nickel we spend in order to give us a better government, more efficient programs and cost us less to reach this goal. Making life better for all in Montana.