Ron Vandevender - Company Message
This is such a complex problem and is a shame that our federal government thinks that they know best and that the situation is a simple fix. Making mandatory insurance is not the way to control health care cost.
I do feel that we should all have access to AFFORDABLE health care of our choice. Whether it be standardized medicine or alternative treatments. Our government has implemented INSURANCE REFORM and calls it Health Care Reform. The figures of 40 - 45 million un-insured Americans who don't have access to health care that have been tossed around are not accurate. This was an easy emotional button to push and manipulate. Out of this number they have given, there was no mention of the roughly 35 million who use Herbal or Alternative treatments. Most of which don't have insurance, not out of it being unaffordable, but because most insurance will not pay for the medical care they have chosen. If we are going to have mandated insurance, all insurance including Medicaid and Medicare should pay for any and all kinds of treatment. Including over the counter herbal used for preventative measures.
We have created so many rules and regulations on the medical field that cost have no other way to go but up, in order to comply with this vast sea of over regulations. Doctors scheduling a patient every 10 min. and charging as if they were with you half the day. Meds which cost less than $1.00 a pill to produce being sold for a few hundred dollars for a 30 pill script. Yet we want to charge oil companies for windfall profits. According to the American Medical Assoc. 60% of test ordered by doctors are uncalled for. These are the thing which are running our health care cost up and need to be addressed right now.
Another thing which cost us is, if you need to get in to see your doctor, they send you to the Emergency Room which cost us really bad. All because the doctor will not leave open spots in their scheduled day to see their regular patients who may need to see them under sudden situations.
Let's do away with garbage such as primary care providers and the system of referrals. We should be allowed to use any doctor we want and receive a second opinion from someone we choose not one we were referred to. Or pick a specialist of our choice if one is needed.
All doctors should be allowed Hospital access, in order to see their regular patients if the person is hospitalized. Not some yahoo which has no idea of who you are or not familiar with your medical history.
We should have public educational drives to encourage healthier life styles, better eating habits, exercise, and the use of preventive treatment options.
One thing I personally would like to see if we are going to monitor anyone, would be to hit the food producers. The foods we eat with all the additives do our systems much harm and causes more illness.
The bad thing with this mess created in Washington is that most insurance rates are going up. Also to offer tax credits after the fact when taxes are filed is a total joke. Many of the people this is intended to so called help can't afford to pay the premiums on a monthly basis throughout the year. How does giving them a credit at the following year on taxes help them?
Truth of the matter is I could go on for ever on the different aspects of the problems with our health care system, the cost and flaws.

Comprehensive health care for women that is not designed by or dictated to them by the male population in accordance to that mans personal belief is a must. Only through including women in the discussion, keeping all options open, educating (male and female) of these options, and making access available can we deliver a working situation.
Our health is or should be one of our top priorities, and health care should be accessible and affordable regardless of the type we choose. I will not try to convince anyone that there are quick or easy fixes. I will work constantly to do everything humanly possible to address EVERY aspect of this issue and to not fall into the party line garbage which has been the core of this discussion thus far. I want to see all Montanans live long, happy and healthy lives, and to have primo health care.