Ron Vandevender - Company Message
In order to create more jobs we must tear down the barriers to entrepreneurism and economic growth.
Almost everyone agrees that a job is better than some trinket handout. yet for years we have pursued tax and regulatory policies that seem perversely designed to discourage economic growth and reduce entrepreneurial opportunities. Someone starting a business today needs a battery of lawyers just to comply with the myriad of government regulations from a virtual alphabet soup of government agencies: OSHA, EPA, FTC, CPSC etc. Zoning and occupational licensing laws are particularly damaging to the type of small businesses that may help people work their way out of poverty.
We must minimalize the vast sea of regulations and taxes that are steadily cutting the bottom rungs off the economic ladder.
I am working on a detailed job creating policy. Not just the fluff we have been being given. This plan will include everything from someone wanting to set up something as simple as a lemonaid stand or a small garage operation to produce things without government interference and over regulation all the way up to our largest businesses. This plan will give details not just on what we need to do, but also why and how it can effect even the smallest of us. In this plan will be included how it will effect us as far as funds avail. to the state, and how some of the plans will bennefit the environment and our health.
My plan as is taking form right now include but not limited to by any means:
1) Medical Cannabis - Many honest jobs have been created here and will continue to provide new employment. This also effects other businesses such as rental property, supplies and equipment, utilities and so on.
a) There has been a thought passed to me which is a good one to work on developing. It includes a pick up service for the medical growers for the disposable parts of their operations. This aspect has many possitive areas.
2) A stronger push into the hemp market for oils, food and fibers.
3) Better timbering - we need to look at
a) the funds the state will recieve (more funding with less taxes)
b) better managed woodlands for superior growth and better habitat for wild life
c) better fire control and prevention (millions of dollars saved here)
d) mills opening back up
e) value added products - use our timber for market ready items, not sent out
of state for finishing work.
f) less pollution in the air from massive wild fires, this is better for the
environment and our health.
4) The development of stronger alternative power (to be kept in Montana)
we should not be buying power from outside sources.
5) Encouraging ranchers to diversify and have operations which consist of something more than a cow or hay.
6) Developing co-ops, giving small operations a chance to pool their products and be able to compete in the market place.
As mentioned this is just a brief sampling of what I am in the process of developing.
I am always interested in the input of others. That is how we will survive and grow. All ideas sent will be looked at and taken seriously.
Education is also a major player in job creation. We must raise expectations on our children in the classrooms in order for them to have better opportunities in the job market and to create an atmosphere of creativity, and initiative.
We must stop selling our raw resources to other countries, allowing them to process them and sell the finished product back to us at a higher price. Let's process our own resources and sell the finished product to others.
We must start producing things again. We must be allowed to use our natural resources. We must be allowed to timber, mine and drill for the products which will help us grow and prosper, without bending to the dictates of a out of state bully orginizations who want to stop up. We can find ways to do this in a manner in which the environment is not put in danger, and we as a people can grow. Common sense, responsibility, and full liability for damages by industry in our approach will increase jobs, grow our economy and protect the environment at the same time.
We must make it easier for people to have move based businesses, without having to worry about zoning laws. There should be no restictions to being able to use a spare room, shed or garage for running a business at home. To restrict this is telling people how they will use their own land. Which we do not have the right to restrict.
Where our work force is concerned my stand is in favor of the workers. I am not though a supporter of a one way or the other system. I do support workers rights to organize and join a union if they so desire. I do not nor never will support mandatory union membership, even if a union is present in ones work place.
I also support the rights of the individual not to join a union and to negotiate on their own behalf. With this we must also allow people the right to work for a salary they feel is acceptable. This does constitute support for Right to Work.
Allowing Unions and/or ones right to work is only right, and allows more freedom in the control of our own lives and finances for the individual concerned. None of us are so intelligent that we know what is best for everyone. Each of us is a unique individual with different needs. We all should be allowed to do as we see required to fill those financial/job needs at the time, whether it is joining a union and working for higher wages and better benefits or agreeing to dig a ditch for $30.00 a day. We can not ever allow the wishes of some to control the lives of everyone.