Ron Vandevender - Company Message
  Marriage is an issue which has for a long time been used as a dividing point among the American people. Mostly out of those who have no other intent than to control other people and force one group or another into living the way those who create the laws believe religiously and nothing more. Most of those don't even practice marriage in accordance to their own teachings. For the most part it comes down to a pick and choose of what makes them feel good.
  We live in a county with many different belief systems. Each has their own view of what constitutes a marriage. Let's take a look at a few things concerning marriage. 1) Marriage according to one set of beliefs may not be what another belief does. This type marriage is a religious based issue, and should be practiced by those of that belief as they see fit. NOT EVERYONE!   -  2) If the government is to get involved in "The Marriage Business", they must recognize ALL marriages. Not set laws to fit one or two segments of the beliefs represented in our country. This gives us two types of marriage the government should recognize in a country such as ours if we are to truly be a free people, If the marriage is between consenting adults. The government has no right constitutionally or otherwise to create laws which dictate relationships between consenting adults in any way, shape or form.
  Marriage should and must be available equally to all, without barriers. No laws should be in place which discriminate due to sex, sexual identity, or any other type issues.
Marriage laws which should be overturned include same sex marriages, or those where multiple spouses are freely involved.(not to be mistaken with forced marriage or child brides).