Ron Vandevender - Company Message
To me this is an important part of solving many of the problems we have in our society, and putting an end to arguments on what I consider to be emotional hot topics. With this view of these two words "Morals" and "Ethics" it is much easier to come to a working ground for all concerned and the betterment of our society.
   Morals, simply put is ones values based upon the belief system they have. This may be based on cultural background, ones faith or lack there of. In a country such as ours with many, many, different faiths, religions and cultural backgrounds our Morals will differ widely. Thus to set our laws according to "Moral" code of just certain ones will result in a failure of society to work.
   Ethics, on the other had is being able to look at a situation regardless of ones personal beliefs and finding the right thing to do in order to advance society. This way of looking at things also gives us the value many nations don't have and that is the personal freedoms and equality for every person within our borders.
One example of this is a hot topic which can be solved very simply. Do I have the right to demand and make laws which FORCE homosexuals to live as I do. NO I DO NOT. Nor do they have the right to force me to live their lifestyle. To draw this line in the sand is the same as making laws which state only brown haired people can wed because brown haired people have a problem with other colored hair. Or that only thin people can wed because of the health issues connected to being over weight. This type of silly bickering does nothing but divide us.
The above example is not the only example nor the most important, just the first one which popped into mind.
I ask that all of us begin to look at things in a manner of is something ethically correct, giving us all the same rights, as it should be, or is it moral judgment we wish to force upon others just because we believe in it.