Ron Vandevender - Company Message
Under Team Biographies was a brief about Ron.(me).  This page is for a more detailed description of who I am. Of my life and activities. With this I hope to give a picture of the things which have influenced my life and molded my views. In short, the human side
Born in Orange County CA., where my parents met after my dad got out of the Navy. When I was 4 we moved to a small Mississippi delta community where my dad was born and raised. It wasn't long after that when due to a job offer, we moved into a larger town. (Which was recently in the news for the tornado damage which was done).
Growing up I was very active in the Boy Scout program. Reaching the rank of Eagle and holding leadership possitions within the scout troop. Worked as a staff member of the scout camp the summer on 1976. The summer of 1977 I was elected by the 40 boys in our scout troop to a group know within the scout program as the Order of the Arrow. Were we learn more about Indian culture, take part in tribal dance along with becoming honorary members of the Sioux nation. Was active in the youth program and choir of a Baptist church. Coming from a family which was Jewish on my mothers side this was an interesting combination.
During my high school years, I played football and worked after school my senior year at a day care center. My job there was driving a bus to the different schools and picking up 1st - 5th grade kids who attended the afterschool program of the center, and helping them with homework and other activies. I played guitar and sang in a band which played for many functions around the delta area. As a teen I was active in many fund raising and community assistance activities.
Hunting and fishing were just a way of life for us delta boys. Also played baseball, softball and bowled in the jr league til I signed a waver to give up amature status so I could bowl in the mens league.
As a teen is also where I got my first taste of politics. Working campaigns for candidates from city council up through president.
These years seemed as if I were constantly on the go. Over the years the town changed and grew. Very often not for the best. As the growth took place, people expanded becoming more crowed and government grew, Becoming a stronger controling influence in our lives. The growth of our cities and government did not help in making living conditions for most any better though.
As for the years following high school, I earned a degree in Business Man/Finance. I have spent most of my life as a student of many different subjects. These have included architecture, theater, art/art education, pychology, commercial art, locksmithing, most religions and many others. My core belief is that I should learn something new every day, and that knowledge is the key to everything. With this I have worked in many different fields. The main reason being that as a student of numerous subjects and facts one should also be a student of human nature. How best to understand ourselves, others and society than to be a part of the many different areas of it. Some of these jobs included but is not limited to fast food management, running a pawn shop, working for the Mississippi Hwy Dept. Project Office, part of the stock crew for a smaller private owned business and a large franchise, Clerk, farm hand, theater, small business owner, and the Yazoo Arts Council. Was one of the founders of a Childrens Theater Co-op, amoung other things.
I have traveled this country from one end to the other and have seen or been a part of the happenings thoughout this vast land. In doing so I have seen first hand the problems this country has and what has caused them as well as the good parts. I see much good in the State of Montana and her people, yet I also see many downfalls of our American Society as a whole trying to take root here in Montana. I would like to help keep the good here and run the bad parts back across the state line away from Montana.
Since 1999 I have lived outside of Craig, MT, where I own property, raise a lot of our own food and have been working on personally building my home. My daughter in law and two grandkids live out here and I help to take care of them. My son travels all over North America from Canada to Mexico with his job. We live completely off grid, producing every bit of our electricity, and all communication is by cell service or satalite.
There are many, many other things I could point out, but this is not a brag page. I believe you see where I have come from and the wide range of things in my life which have helped to mold me, and to put me in a possition where I am able to be understanding of  people, their lives, problems and views. This makes it easier for me to work in favor of the masses from all walks of life and political beliefs, and not just a select few.
I would like to take a moment to point out that with all this in my life, I am only human. Have I made mistakes in life? Yes. Have I ever done things I wish I could go back and change? Yes. As I stated I am only human. We all make mistakes at times or wish we could go back and change things. I am not perfect, nor am I some sort of diety. Do I learn from my mistakes? You bet. As should all of us.
I can make the people of Montana a promise. I will do my best to work for all of us, and if a mistake is made, I will admit it, stand up, take responsibility and work even harder to right the wrong. I will not feed any of you a line just because I think it is something you want to hear just to gain a vote. I am a very blunt person and call things as I see them. Nor will I use prefabed talking points layed out by some political party. Also, I will do as the people of Montana want even if I do not totally agree with it. After all the people are the boss when it comes to elected official and it is your state. This does not mean that I will not try my best to change the minds of the people if I see things differently, because I will. BUT - when all is said and done it will be what the people decide that wins out
Long live the great state of Montana, her people and our freedoms. May we work for the rights of each and every one of us.