Ron Vandevender - Company Message
As with any campaign, I know ones personal values, beliefs, and faith (or lack thereof) is questioned by the voters or speculated by other candidates. Thus I have therefore added this page to show the values I hold and what I try to live by and base social actions on.
I will love all of life.
I will show honor and respect to all.
I will never waste life needlessly.
I will work to preserve life in all forms.
I am concerned for the condition of the world because it affects all.
I will work to keep balance in my life.
I will work on myself and show it outwardly.
I will not judge according to what others say must be.
I will not let guilt, anger or hate, rule my emotions and how I treat others.
I am responsible for the way others see and react to me. If I behave badly, others will behave likewise.
I will cause no harm to anyone.
I will show self-respect.
I will not raise my voice when talking with someone, this would show disrespect.
I will not argue with someone else, each individual is unique, therefore we won't always agree.
I will discuss differences with others, but refuse to fight over them.
I will celebrate life itself and be thankful for being alive.
I will look for joy, wonder and humor in life.
I will work to repair suffering, not give myself over to it.
I will not build myself up at the expense if someone else.
I will welcome the differences between people. Like paints of different colors, our differences help paint the beauty of life.
I will not try to force anyone to believe as I do.
I will work to find my balance place between bad and good.
I will put truth before ideology.
I will sign, laugh and joke about life.
I will follow the pathway of joy.
I will not claim that my beliefs are the only way. They are simply my way. If our beliefs join at some point we can celebrate and be glad.
I will encourage all to continue their search for truth and happiness, where ever that road leads.
The above is the way that I try to approach life with. I have found that with this it makes it simpler to tackle much of lifes problems, personally and socially.