Ron Vandevender - Company Message
  This is just the beginning phases of this page. There will be more added to this as time goes on.
  We all know that Social Programs take on many different faces. Most of which many of us don't make the connection with. What I will be doing on this page is to first give my opinion of this issue in a general sense. As this page grows I will go into more detail on what and where I feel we need to make adjustments and what those adjustments would consist of along with an explanation of why and how those adjustments would affect the people of Montana.
  In a perfect world there would be no need for social programs of any kind. Would I like to see a state where these would not be needed. Yes. Who wouldn't. After all it would be grand if Montana rose to a point where we were all able to excel and rise above the need for such programs. But the reality of it is that we do not live in a perfect society. We must find a way to take care of ALL MONTANANS. If even one of us fails, we all fail. Especially with an aging population. We can not allow the people of Montana who have worked hard, contributed to society and paid their dues to be treated like second class people or to live like rats. We should have much more respect for them and ourselves than to allow this to happen.
  This include subsidies to large business. These are social programs also. Known in other terms as corp. welfare.
  As bad as I personally hate higher taxes and would love to see our taxes come down and eventually certain Social Programs fade into never land (because they become no longer needed). We can not be so heartless as to screw over our citizens who may be on bad times for the sake of pretending to balance the budget. It has taken us many many years to get into the situation we are in financially and socially. It will take years to fix it. THERE IS NO FAST OVERNIGHT FIX! Any politician or one of their backers who claim we will cut this and toss that and it's fixed is a flat out lier.