Ron Vandevender - Company Message
Pretty simple subject for me here. Taxes need to come down for all Montanans across the board. No showing special attention to one group at the expense of others in the state. Poor or rich our economy can not grow when taxes are excessive. The higher incomers won't invest more in business when we tax them heavy, and the lower incomers can not survive when the government takes their means of living away from them in the form of taxes.
If in office I will vote against everything which raises taxes and will work as hard as I can fighting to get our taxes lowered.  NO IFS, ANDS or BUTS.
The only way I can support new taxes are if the PEOPLE of the state themselves vote to have it. In most cases even that would most likely be held to localized tourism taxes. After all if people want to come to Montana and have a playground they should pay for that playground. NOT the people of Montana.