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Responsible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure here in Montana is in need of improvement which means making an investment and spending money, which I am not always in favor of the government doing. Sometimes though it's not the fact that we spend the money as it is how and on what that bothers me. Our infrastructure for moving people and products however is an area we have no choice on if we want to keep our society and economy moving in a forward direction. I do have a problem when we waste money on these things. I can name certain projects dealing with our roads and bridges where large amounts of money have been spent wrongly.

Currency/Subsidies Intertwined

There are a couple of subjects which overlap where we end up fighting among ourselves and in many instances all too many people are trying to walk both sides of the fence at the same time. These subjects are subsidies (especially farm) and moving our currency back to a product based value and elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank. Here I will point out the snafu we are in. I will use farm subsidies as an example not as a finger pointing issue or lay blame on just farmers. That is the furthest thing from my mind.

Pipe Line Sell Out

Another case of our current governor selling out those he has claimed to support. After all his talk this last session about clean air water and so on I find it sickening that he would sell out on the pipeline deal. It craps on the faces of Montanans where environmental issues are concerned and on individual property rights. Not just for us here in Montana either, but others states as well. In the first place there is already a pipeline in place which runs into Oklahoma with a spur going into Illinois. Why reroute it? This useless project would run through a sizable piece of Montana across a broad section of our plains and over or through mountains. At what cost to the environment? Then in South Dakota it enters the Ogallala aquifer that supplies millions of people with drinking water. I have sense enough to know that we will leave some sort of imprint in order to supply us with and transfer of resources, but this is a $7 billion dollar piece of trash which uses BS and propaganda to line the billion dollar pocket books of a few at the expense of environment, personal property rights and at the pumps in order to offset the cost. This is one thing I will be following up on as the months go by. I'm confident it will be tied up for some time before construction begins (after election day hopefully). If there is anything which would allow me as governor to reverse this move if elected, I Will Do Just That.


As anyone who has been following things knows, I openly promote the development of the growing and and marketing of commercial hemp. I am also in full support of our Medical Cannabis Community and the high standards which need to be obtained for medical reasons. I do also support the end of the so called drug war which cost us billions of dollars, ruined lives and broken families. Even legalizing the cannabis plant for personal use to consenting adults will not in any way create a zombied society filling our work places with unsafe workers or our roads with dangers.


I have for most my life been pro-cannabis in any form (medical or recreational). Even when it wasn't considered popular or as political suicide. To this day I am still pro-cannabis and work to insure our rights where this plant is concerned by helping with petitions or educating people about it. I will til the day I die be pro-cannabis and will work til that day to succure our rights where this is involved. In the Montana Governors race your choices come down to one who always has and alway will be with you, or those who dangle a carrot in your face on a maybe.

Government Get Off Our Farms

A growing concern that many farms could or will go out of business due to vast Federal mandates and regulations is not unfounded and should be a concern of all Montanans. These mandates cause a crushing blow to our farmers financially. Our Federal government with its overzealous regulations and attempt of micromanaging our farms is killing  the local food infrastructure and possible growth. The regulatory stresses produced at the Federal and State level is our largest obstacle to business survival, growth and profitability.

Sticking Together

There is much ground work being laid for changes in our political system for the good. We need to continue this push or correcting the flawed system we now have. On the Internet and in conversations with literally thousands of people the story is the same. LET's Change Things! A problem exist here. Many are unsure of just what to to in order to help in this change or maybe just a little hesitant to make the stand publicly. Afraid to take the step outside the box and away from the normal groups in control even though they are fed up with them.

Power of the People

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Below is a quote taken from the Montana Coalition for Rights web page. I am in full support of their efforts and working with them on CI-109. If you are not familiar with this veture I encourage you to look into it. This is our chance once and for all to even the playing field so to speak between the will of the people and our elected officials. If you are one who is serious about retaining our rights as voters it is vital that you join with us in this effort.
" We are a Grassroots non-profit coalition of Montana voters, professionals and others dedicated to promoting, protecting and expanding the rights of all persons in the state of Montana.

Truth on Unemployment

Officially the unemployment rate is bouncing around the 9 percent mark nationally. This is only a partial truth. One which the government really does not want us to look into or fully understand. In reality, unemployment is around the 20 percent level the same as the Great Depression, maybe even a little higher.
The unemployment rate given out by our government is measured by the number of people in the workforce actively looking for jobs. Those who are in part-time and odd jobs here and there are not typically used in the figures.

A Step Toward Green

We have many possibilities for increasing our energy production here in our home state. There has been the so called push for green energy out of our current administration but to what level have we seen it? We have had a few wind farms set up, but not near enough, and even with the ones we do have, how much of this energy is staying here in Montana? I can speak on this subject in a more personal level being as I live off grid. There is not even a power line I could hook to without major cost on my part due to the distance from my home to the nearest line.