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Rep. Rehberg's co-sponsorship of H.R.1505 is a sad move and a slap in the face to Montanans. With the view of Federal interference and constant unchecked moves by Federal agencies, what was this man thinking. My bad, He wasn't. Unless it was thoughts of buttering up people in Washington for his future hopes of a Senate seat. The President has already set in place for us to be able to loose control over private lands to Federal agencies. This just helps to seal the deal. Are we as a people that scared of others that we are willing to bend to the fear mongers within our government whose only agenda is to manipulate and control the population at all cost.

Washington Hog Wash

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The U.S. government's fiscal year ended last Friday. (That was FY 2011.)

With Republicans taking over the U.S. House last November, and the U.S. Governments Fiscal year for 2011 ending as of last Friday one would figure with all the talk that the result would have been government spending finally dropped.
Guess what, that couldn't be more wrong. Government spending actually increased.

FY 2010 spending was $3.456 trillion, and although the FY 2011 final figures have yet to be reported it has most recently been projected to come in at around $3.

Economic Messages of Candidates

The time has come to take stronger actions in my bid for the Governors seat in Montana. Since entering this race I have constantly pushed messages I would like to get across to my fellow Montanans. These messages for the most part have been more in the line of promotion of the ideas than they have been against any one particular candidate. My campaign will continue to in this path because it is all about the message. In doing so the time does come when even I have to point out differences between myself and other candidates and point to what I see as flaws in what they are saying.

Sound Financial Plan

What I would like to see, especially in light of the new financial figures released on what has actually come in so far plus whatever extra may come in by the next budget cycle over what was figured for. Instead of holding a special session to see how fast and how much of our money and be spent, with maybe the exception of pay raises which were denied to state workers(mainly the lower paid of our workers); is to sit on the excess. This would give us a nice total of cash to go towards our next budget already in the bank.

Montana's National Guard

Montanans have always had a proud heritage of military service. For this my gratitude to those who have served runs deep. Our states' National Guard is primarily  meant to be for protecting and serving the state in times of crisis here at home. A legit use of these service personnel although a non military action would have been to help with the flood situation this year, gaining control of the Yellowstone oil line break and assisting with wild fires. These are a direct threat to our state, its people, and our lives.

The Road of Politics

The world of politics is like traveling down a highway from one location o another. We often wish for something different, yet when we come to an intersection with multiple options like two main roads and a couple less traveled, what do we tend to do? We stay on one of the main roads we are familiar with. Thus it's the same old tired trip, time and time again. All the while complaining about the road. All this complaining isn't going to change the trip nor the things we see. At best they will repave it to make us think it is better.

Beauty in Flames

Our Beautiful State? Those anywhere near fires could ask, What is so beautiful? Smoke so think you can hardly see and spreading over 100s of miles. The burning eyes and noses. The difficulty breathing. Extra doctors and emergency room visits for many due to the smoke. Loss of property. Loss of vast revenues for the state from not managing our timberland better. Loss of employment for not doing so. Loss of funds to fight the fires. Loss of habitat for wildlife. The charred country side. Air pollution in mass amounts.

Time to Take Off the Gloves

In the words of Ron Paul "it isn't enough to have an "R" next to your name(or a "D"-my addition). It isn't enough to have a pollster tell you what you should stand for."
I like Dr. Paul am a constitutional conservative. I am anti-big government. I stand firmly for our individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities. I am also a realist and have sense enough to know we have created an environment which keeps too many people dependent on our governmental system. It will take us time to correct this and create a society where these dependence programs are not needed on the personal level.

Large Hit to Montana Economics

With all the talk of our economic ills here in Montana and the yelling to get off of the use of foreign oil I would like to point out where we have fallen short on this as a state. In the 2nd quarter of 2008 Montana oil production peaked at $919.3 million dollars. By the 1st quarter of 2009 this fell to $254.8 million. This is over a $600 million drop in less than a year. As of the 1st quarter of 2011 we hit $500 million in oil production. This is still over $400 million short from our peak production.

Here's Your Chance

    I want to take this moment once again to invite the citizens on Montana to ask questions. Feel free to contact me personally to ask about the things that concern you and/or give your comments. This is the best way for you to get to know me, where I stand on things and the direction I am looking at taking our state. It is also a great way for me to get to know how you as the bosses of our state feel about things. If you would be interested in just passing along a subject you would like to see addressed either on my web site or in a blog feel free to pass that along too.