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Lately the term viable was used in relation to my campaign for the office of Governor of Montana. I'm considered non-viable by some. Why? Simply put I am not a Repub or a Dem. Yet only about a third of voters actually claim to be Repub and about an equal number for the Dems. This leaves the other third for third party or independents (who swing from one to the other) Yet most of this bunch when it comes down to it could easily fit into the range of those who would support me. If they didn't feel they just had to go major party. This people makes me a viable candidate. Add to this the Libertarian leaning or what some call Ron Paul Repubs and we have a serious race. Pull in the Dems who are actually closer to a Libertarian than a hard line Dem and those that are just plain sick of the same old garbage year after year or those tired of having their rights and wishes trampled on and we have a whole new situation. It would actually put the Repubs and the Dems in the position of playing catch up. It simply comes down to backing those even from a non major party and putting ones talk into action at the polls on voting day.
I have openly put my views out there and given specific lines of thought on things from Medical Cannabis, Commercial Hemp, Timbering, Mining.and Social programs just to name a few. As Governor of Montana I will not sit and let the peoples voices be trampled on by our Legislature or the Federal Government. I want our spending under control, but will not allow our states books to be balanced on the backs of our sick, disabled or elderly. I have given many examples of job creation which would produce 10's of thousands of jobs. Jobs created by Montanans for Montanans. I have addressed environmental, and safety issues with specific ideas. I have also addressed taxes, property rights, gun ownership, freedom to use the healthcare of ones choosing, marriage, alternative energy, education and the right of the people of Montana to run their state as they see fit and not to be a puppet of Washington DC. Transportation and a few others are currently under formulation.
Other than the typical puff and fluff out of the major parties I have yet to find much relevance out of their candidates. The big news and info from them is how much money can be raised. I challenge, no I dare the big party candidates or their supporters to go toe to toe and talk details. Put their neck on the chopping block and stick with it.
As Governor a bill will either be signed or vetoed promptly. I will not play games or beat around the bush. I will not let a bill become law out of fear to take a stand. I am not politically correct and don't care to be. I will call stupid, stupid. I have no problem with telling Legislators they are crazier than hell. We are talking about a war for lack of a better word for our survival and prosperity. I have no problem with taking it those who want to harm or control us. I will not make back room deals, so they will have to deal with me straight up on the battle field. It is time to take no prisoners. If our Legislature wants a fight, they will find with me in office they have come to the right place.

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It will also spur competition and creativity at both ends of the scale.
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I am Montanan and proud of it. I will fight til the end of my days for this state even when others have given up. Bless Montana and her people.Ron Vandevender - Candidate for MT Governor 2012 - Libertarian
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It would actually put the Repubs and the Dems in the position of playing catch up.
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