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Most things we do in life are intermingled whether we acknowlege it or not. This is the first of a series which will be posted on some of these issues. With this series I will also point out some of the insane things which are done within our culture. Please hang with me as I start this. Even though you may feel it is going no where, it all ties end and understanding will be yours.
This is a cross over comparison on medicine, and jobs. I must start by pointing out that the medical practices of MD's is called Alleopathic. This term means "symptom treater". That's right, when one goes to most doctors (some actually use a hollistic approach) the are not fixing anything or healing of any kind. They are simply treating symptoms. Making you feel a little better because your symtoms are not as bothersom. In effect not really healing anything. You still have the problem or ailment, you just don't notice it so badly.
The drugs and treatments used in this are very harmful and in most cases led to a chain reaction of more and more visits and drugs. Causing a break down of our systems. Getting worse with each generation. Don't get me wrong. Under emergency situations this system of medicine does very well. We are able to save people from the brink of death. The problem lies in not doing other things after the initial saving of life in order to get off of this sort of treatment. After achieving stablization there are many forms of medicine which are much better than pharm meds and constant running to doctors for test and checkups. There is naturalpathic and homeopathic things which work much better and safer. The herbal world is a wonder way to go. Yes this does include Cannabis.
Our government is in an open war against anything which does not promote "symptom treaters" and their poison pharmas. This is spilling over from the cannabis world to many other much healthier means including natural food stores. The reason is they want us all sick or dying. It's called population control.
This all laid out lets get to the next part of this. Where we will address the vast waste of money and then into the job portion. Hospitals are constantly in a remodeling stage, spending millions on creating a resort atmosphere. True when in one of these place and peaceful atmosphere can help with the mental aspect of healing, but they have gone way overboard. Who pays the price for all this? We do. Many people can'f afford health care strictly because of this issue. In all this fancy remodeling prices for treatments go up to cover the expense.(Just to name one item which effects cost).
In all this they brag about the new jobs. In most cases there are not new jobs created and if so very few. Worse part is no one is being actually healed. Instead of dealing with every aspect of the alternative treatments I will stick mainly to the cannabis issue here. I must point out that we cannot control the number of patients who qualify for Medical Cannabis no more than we can those that us Aspirin. That is an insane thought only to be entertained by control freaks or those who benefit and profit from the illegal aspect of cannabis. The facts are there to back the medical use of this plant in many forms for many things. It is like garlic and a few other plants which are almost cure alls. As for medical use here in Montana with our disabled and elderly alone there are a minimum of 100,000 possible patients. Add to this those suffering from cancer and chronic pain, and depression problems and we have a possible patient base for cannabis use of close to 250,000.
Now for jobs. The legal use of medical cannabis with this number of possible patients can easily create 30,000 jobs. This gives us safer medicine, less unemployment, a broader tax base without increasing taxes, and may could even bring taxes down. The number of possible jobs I point out does not include spin off jobs into other areas which would be created. There are many who now don't work due to inflictions or pharma med reactions which keep them from do so to be able to rejoin the work force. It's the snowball effect at its finest. Only this snowball is good.


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effective skincare products on Friday, June 28, 2013 4:01 AM
You said so true that the legal use of medical cannabis with this number of possible patients can easily create 30,000 jobs and it is so much meaningful.Thanks for sharing such precious knowledge with us.
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cheap oakley australia on Thursday, September 27, 2018 12:46 AM
Causing a break down of our systems. Getting worse with each generation.
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