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A Radical What If

We all know what it's like to feel like we are not getting represented. As if those who get elected are only thinking about the ones who think and feel as they do and nobody else matters. Yet we keep putting the same two sets of people in office over and over. Now lets think about this for a few minutes. There are two ways to do something about this. One is to start election 3rd party people in office to help get views from the rest of us that don't fit with the main 2. This doesn't have to be a majority. Even just a handful would help. Now here is a radical thought. What if instead of 100 districts in which it comes down to 1 party or the other (mainly the two big ones), we did things different. We have what as for recognized parties in Montana? Dems, Repubs, Libertarian, Constitution, and we can not forget independents. That's five groups with different views. Now, WHAT IF we divide the state into lets say 20 districts. Then in each district instead of election only one person from only one party we have elections to put one person from each of the 5 groups Montana recognizes from each of the 20 districts. This still leaves us with 100 Representatives. But here is the good part. The 5 recognized groups pretty much covers everyone in the state in some form or another. So thus we would have total representation. With a set up like this we would end so very much of the total foolishness we now have going on in Helena.
Before any one can come up with some lame finger pointing name for what I propose here. It is nothing more or less than TOTAL REPRESENTATION

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We have a lot of what if in our life. Sometimes we are afraid to take risks because we not prepared for the consequences of our action. We always see what is lacking in us, but we are not thankful of what we have. The road we are taking is what we chose to be our destination. As we slowly take our step do not be afraid to what if because if we are at the end of the road the only thing that we can do is to regret.
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As the world is composed of many unusual things, there’s always a radical what if? The human existence is one of the what if that I want to find an answer as I am living today. There must be a great reason why the creator of the human race created the humans. And my what if is, what if the human race was not existed? There should be a lot of debates and bylaws that will be given and studied by the professionals to answer this question.
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