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Sad But Determined

We are at a sad point in our history. Our society has been brainwashed by extremist into believing that all political office holders must be of only two parties and those are to be controlled by the extreme from within those parties. It always has to be one way or the other regardless of the consequences to the people. In most these cases claiming to be the majority. That in itself is an outright lie. They are only the majority of minorities. They may win an election with 51% of the vote, but when you take into account that on average less than 35% of the people voted isn't saying much. They also forget that they also have other they represent who did not vote for them and their thoughts and well being should also be taken into account. With our election turn out being as it has been for so long we in essence have the opinion of 15-20% of the country running the place.
Many voice the fact that the others who don't vote should do so, that they should. But here lies the problem. Part of the brainwashing is that there is only 2 choices. Another lie. People have also bought into the lie that going away from the main two choices is throwing away their vote, yet another lie. Not allowing ballet access to someone not of the major parties is nothing more than election theft. This happens in a large amount of our country. Major party candidates with visions of a higher office at some point will (with a one in a thousand exception) sell out to the party pressure.
All this taken into account it is no wonder that our population as a whole feel as they do. That they feel cheated, lied to, deceived and have no trust. Then when you get one of us who actually wants to and will work hard to try and deliver it is major uphill all the way. Causing us headaches like you would not believe and a sadness in our heart for the pain others are up against. I find it totally inhumane and unacceptable for so many people to be used as doormats. To have their lives controlled by people who don't have the right to do so.
To the people of Montana, I am ashamed of how our leaders have done, and I apologize to you for them. As we know they won't do it themselves. All I can do is continue with my efforts and hope that here soon I will be able to serve you all, get the chance to deliver and try and rebuild your faith that all is not lost and that someone seeking office does have a heart, and care more for doing what is right for others and not be selfish and self serving.

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Master papers review on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 7:49 AM
It's sad that there is such a tendency. There is no black and white in the world. It is always shades of grey. It is wrong to think that there should be only two diametrically opposite parties.
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lin on Thursday, June 28, 2018 2:33 AM
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