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Big vs Little

There is much which can be done for our economic situation and the betterment of all people. There are certain things which is not thought about when discussing this matter though. From one side all we here is help the big man and the little guys will benefit from the fall out. This is only partly true and then not in all instances. Misguided individuals set things in motion which help the big money people which at times do have an economic fall out that some of our lesser privileged people gain from. But not often. What these people do not acknowledge is that it is a simple thing to benefit the wealthy where they grow even more wealthy and not help anyone else. Which most of the time is the case. Then we have those that say let's help the little man and not the big money folks. These people have no real idea of how any economic system works. No matter what is done in favor of the have nots the haves will always benefit. It is simple fact, and simple mathematics. No matter what we do to help those without there will always be economic fall out (unlike water which runs down hill) which will always work it's way up the ladder. Normally rather quickly. What we need in order to build a stronger society economically is a plan which will help the little and big alike. In doing so our economic system gains strength, both ends gaining from it. Done correctly the little guys will grow at a much faster pace than the big guys do. It will also spur competition and creativity at both ends of the scale. With such a system of growth in place and the financial gains which will come from it, prices of products due to the competition would lower in many cases, making for an even better financial picture for the up and coming.

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hill) which will always work it's way up the ladder. Normally rather quickly. What we need in order to build a stronger society economically is a plan which will help the lit
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Its depend upon how a big and little is compared with a regular income based on it to transfer a little things better.
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