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Power of the People

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Below is a quote taken from the Montana Coalition for Rights web page. I am in full support of their efforts and working with them on CI-109. If you are not familiar with this veture I encourage you to look into it. This is our chance once and for all to even the playing field so to speak between the will of the people and our elected officials. If you are one who is serious about retaining our rights as voters it is vital that you join with us in this effort.
" We are a Grassroots non-profit coalition of Montana voters, professionals and others dedicated to promoting, protecting and expanding the rights of all persons in the state of Montana. We advocate for the individual rights of all Montanans regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, economic status, or criminal history. At the end of the day we are all Americans and Montanans, regardless of party affiliation. Our ethos, while vastly different in the mist of varying shades of grey are very similar when distilled to simple bullet points. Our goal is to work toward a more open and just society, that provides a balance of powers between the citizens and their government. Many of those said by the mass media to be on the "far left" and the "far right" share this an unrecognized but common concern that our government has become too intrusive, controlling, and too parental, thereby re-ducing the independence and liberty of individual citizens. We agree with those people and seek to restore government to its essential role of provider of critical and constitutionally-mandated services, rather than the broad caretaker role that some in government wish to forcibly subject us to.
We do this by:
Providing education to the public in areas of voter, constitutional and civil rights,
Advocate and lobby for the preservation and expansion of rights that affect Montanans,
When necessary utilize litigation to ensure that rights of all Montana citizens are pro-tected,
Fostering universal participation and trust in the electoral and initiative process,
Ensuring all registered voters are able to vote simply, fairly, and without intimidation,
Expand the rights of voters to participate in and know about government operations,
 Working with the mass media to raise public awareness and understanding of key issues,
Carefully working to shift powers, prerogative, and responsibility from the government to citizens of Montana."
Please visit the web page and join with us in this very improtant effort.

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