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Health Care Problems

Modern American Medicine has a few issues which need to be addressed if we are to actually have health care that works and available to the masses without raping the public financially. First I will deal with the concept of our system and the downfall of the health of most Americans. Then I will get into the cost aspect.
In the first place our current method is modern medicine (that is almost an oxymoron), it is not as most people claim traditional neither in practice nor medicating. Before the bright idea of trying to chemically and artificially copy natural plants which most meds were created from we did not have most of the issues we have today. The creation of these artificial meds which the human body was not designed to accept began the downward spiral of our physical systems. We use the meds, our bodies break down creating new ailments causing phama companies to create more new meds which cause more problems at younger and younger ages. Thus creating a vicious cycle of decay and dependency. Add to this the food additives and artificial aspects of that industry and the situation is even worse.
Of course I could go on for some time about this but what I really want to get into now is the cost. According to the American Medical Association(which is also upset with how doctors do and the path taken in recent years) 6 out of 10 test ordered by doctors are totally uncalled for. Most of these have nothing to do with helping the patient. They serve two aspects, 1) it's their way to try and avert law suits for not doing enough, 2) More money for clinics and hospitals. Most of these test are drastically overpriced. Next in the money game is pharma drugs which have even a higher mark up than the jewelry industry(which can range from 300 - 3000%). Which hurts the patient even worse when the doctor would rather hand out little pieces of paper for meds instead of working to get our diet, exercise routine balanced. Yes people most every ailment can be turned around with these two aspects. Next thing we have which I would really like to see changed is most city policies towards hospitals and clinics. Many cities have ordinances which require proof of need (anti-competition clauses) before a second or third hospital/clinic may be built. The medical establishment is no different from any other business when we remove the competition aspect from it. The sky becomes the limit for them when it comes to what we are charged. Hospitals/clinics claim they have to charge what they do in order to stay in business, yet they can afford to give share holders massive payoffs and build multi-million dollar shrines which would put most 5 star Hotels and resorts to shame. Anyone who doubts this aspect really has not paid attention to the facilities which are being built.
Many leaders try to convince us that the problem is lack of insurance only. No that is not the problem in and of itself. Truth of the matter is that lack insurance at reasonable cost is a direct fall out from over charging from the medical world and the state of perpetual illness from a young age caused by our food and drug industries. At one time we could pay smaller premiums for insurance as young adults and if reasonably healthy the cost were even lower because there was less chance  you would need it. The insurance company would then invest these premiums in order to grow the value of your investment. At some time in the future when you needed to use it, between your premiums and their investments the money  was earned and available to cover your cost. Now days that is not the case. People these days are so heavily Dependant on the medical system and pharmas and at younger ages that insurance companies have trouble paying off the claims being filed. With trying to keep pace with usage they also are horrid about averaging out cost across the board whether you use it or not. This drives premiums up for everyone regardless. With medical cost constantly going up insurance has no where else to go but up. Think about things in a little different light here for a second. If a person is taking 6 medications everyday and these meds were costing $150 each (that's $900) per month plus doctors visits and test, who in their right mind would want to be an insurance business and charge this person $50 - $100 a month premiums? There is no way they could pay the claims for your services and would have to shut down.  To do otherwise the owners would have to be a Bill Gates type figure and issue our insurance as charity. By the way I'm not against charities. I hope that all who read this can see the pit we have entered. We must get cost down for medical practices, procedures and meds down where they should be. We must open up our communities to a competition based health care system and reign in the big pharma/government bed partner nightmare. Encourage healthier lifestyles and insist that the poisons being labeled as food be done away with. Refuse to think that person in the white lab coat is a god and insist that they actually do something to cure vs handing out meds freely just to cover up symptoms. These things will make health care and the insurance to cover it more affordable to all. Another thing is too not be afraid to pursue other means of medicine which are the true traditional methods that many call alternatives now.

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