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Campaign Updates

Time to Take Off the Gloves

In the words of Ron Paul "it isn't enough to have an "R" next to your name(or a "D"-my addition). It isn't enough to have a pollster tell you what you should stand for."
I like Dr. Paul am a constitutional conservative. I am anti-big government. I stand firmly for our individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities. I am also a realist and have sense enough to know we have created an environment which keeps too many people dependent on our governmental system. It will take us time to correct this and create a society where these dependence programs are not needed on the personal level.

On The Trail

Had a wonderful day Friday July 29th. Spent the day in Helena at the Last Chance Stampede and Fair walking around introducing my self and talking with people about our upcoming Governors election. Although according to the media I am not actively campaigning. I would like to know what it is called that I am doing. No, I did not as the Repubs and Dems did have a booth, where we tried to bluff our way through by handing out balloons to the kids or workers who may and may not have known anything about the people they were handing out stickers for.


Lately the term viable was used in relation to my campaign for the office of Governor of Montana. I'm considered non-viable by some. Why? Simply put I am not a Repub or a Dem. Yet only about a third of voters actually claim to be Repub and about an equal number for the Dems. This leaves the other third for third party or independents (who swing from one to the other) Yet most of this bunch when it comes down to it could easily fit into the range of those who would support me. If they didn't feel they just had to go major party.


I had over a couple of months before entering the Governors race given thought to who I may would consider as a running mate. I had two thoughts on this. 1) to have one from the canna community who would fight our legislature with me on cannabis and job. 2) a better known political figure who would do the same thing. In this I had a couple of thoughts from the 1st catagory and 2 repubs and 4 dems from the second. One of which was Dave Wanzenried. I was sad to see him out of the race for a few reasons, I was equally sad to see him enter it due to my thoughts of a running mate.