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Cannabis/Health Care


As anyone who has been following things knows, I openly promote the development of the growing and and marketing of commercial hemp. I am also in full support of our Medical Cannabis Community and the high standards which need to be obtained for medical reasons. I do also support the end of the so called drug war which cost us billions of dollars, ruined lives and broken families. Even legalizing the cannabis plant for personal use to consenting adults will not in any way create a zombied society filling our work places with unsafe workers or our roads with dangers.


I have for most my life been pro-cannabis in any form (medical or recreational). Even when it wasn't considered popular or as political suicide. To this day I am still pro-cannabis and work to insure our rights where this plant is concerned by helping with petitions or educating people about it. I will til the day I die be pro-cannabis and will work til that day to succure our rights where this is involved. In the Montana Governors race your choices come down to one who always has and alway will be with you, or those who dangle a carrot in your face on a maybe.

Weekend for Freedom

It's Saterday night July 23rd. I'm at Ryan Creek Meadows outside Missoula
for Cannafest Destiny. An event sponsored by MTCIA to help raise funds for legal fees and awareness for the Medical cannabis issue. Commercial Hemp, it's history and future was also talked about in length. I am glad to be having a part in this event in a few ways. I have been able to lend a hand in a few areas. Laying out electric cable for the vendors, parking vehicles, assisting a couple of venders with their booths, and even helping one person in a wheel chair to get from the parking lot to the event area.

A Die Hard Fact About Medical Cannabis

I got really tired this last legislative session with the whining about how many Med.Cannabis patients we have in this state.
Now time for a reality check. When everything is considered we could have many more Cannabis patients than we do now. 1st-the age demographic. Look at the number of elderly we have in this state. Cannabis is a great med for many of the ills which this age group are prone to. 2nd-there are over 18,000 people on SSI alone. Once again the bulk of them would benefit from Cannabis.