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Just One Step of Many for Electrical Production and the Environment

In our need for more electrical production and to show concern for the environment at the same time, the two sides of this equation need to come together and use just a touch of common sense. Across the nation a large number of our coal fire plants are aging. Many of these power plants are neither efficient nor as non-polluting as they could or should be. Many on the build it cheap side only have profits in mind while many environmentalist are so to the extreme that they hurt the environment more than help it. The idiotic length of time and hearings it takes to get a plant approved, no less built is totally insane. Hurting our ability to produce what we need, keeping electrical cost extremely high, and causes much more damage to our environment. What we have to do is shorten the time period it takes to get a new plant approved, built and on line. These newer plants would be more efficient as for production, and cleaner burning than our older plants (many of which need to be shut down and taken out of the picture entirely). Shortening this process down and insisting that the cleanest technology be brought forth when the plans are originally made, would help us in getting our energy needs taken care of, lower cost on the consumer and get the older more pollution producing plants shut down thus creating a step towards a protected environment. This is an area where we are hurting at the public and environmental levels by the extremist at both ends who in reality only care about keeping problems going for the sake of giving them something to complain about with no intent of doing anything productive for society nor their so called cause.

More Transportation Energy

Common sense has got to be brought back into the picture when dealing with balancing between progress and environment. The fact is no matter what we do we can not survive without extracting resources or building new means of producing energy. Nor can we keep up with our needs and keep cost down without doing so. We need to build a new refinery in Montana to assist in our transportation needs. This would give us more good paying jobs, boost our economy and lower fuel prices for us within our state.

A Step Toward Green

We have many possibilities for increasing our energy production here in our home state. There has been the so called push for green energy out of our current administration but to what level have we seen it? We have had a few wind farms set up, but not near enough, and even with the ones we do have, how much of this energy is staying here in Montana? I can speak on this subject in a more personal level being as I live off grid. There is not even a power line I could hook to without major cost on my part due to the distance from my home to the nearest line.

Large Hit to Montana Economics

With all the talk of our economic ills here in Montana and the yelling to get off of the use of foreign oil I would like to point out where we have fallen short on this as a state. In the 2nd quarter of 2008 Montana oil production peaked at $919.3 million dollars. By the 1st quarter of 2009 this fell to $254.8 million. This is over a $600 million drop in less than a year. As of the 1st quarter of 2011 we hit $500 million in oil production. This is still over $400 million short from our peak production.

Utilize All Options

Our energy usage and production is a very talked about subject. Most people have their view on which is best for our coarse of action in order to produce the power we need in a cleaner more efficient way. I agree, we do need to look for the best means to do this. I had done a study on energy production a little over a year ago and posted many articles on the subject on a political discussion site. When we speak of energy production most people like myself would like to see our dependence on oil from other counties reduced.