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GMO Nightmare

The subject of GMO's is something which I have received a few emails concerning my position on lately and one request to write a blog on the issue to share it better.  I have been in many discussions on this matter in person with people and on the Internet yet have missed expanding on it here.
GMO's is a very important subject in my humble opinion although not so with many in the political world. We have here the issue of personal freedoms and the right to know about and control what we take into our bodies, possible health issues and governmental control over our lives.


One who leads best controls less. In any society in order to be prosperous and have a thriving society, leaders need to learn to back down and not try to control every aspect of life (personal, business, or otherwise). In a vastly mixed society as ours here in America which has such a broad range of belief systems, cultures, races, and opportunities this is even more critical. Even within a particular belief system(such as religion) there are many schools of thought, thus the large array of denominations (for lack of a better word). Due to this a social (political) leader can not nor should ever even consider using his/her personal, religious, cultural heritage (race or origin of family) as the divining rod for their social compass. Unless that teaching is based on compassion, tolerance and understanding that we are all different and one persons path may not be the same as someone else. We need people in office who will lead without forcing their personal religious beliefs upon the rest of us nor deny others of theirs. I as Governor of Montana would lead the battle to do away with control of our personal/family lives by those who wish to control our every move and force anyone to live according to their beliefs. When leaders cross the line of letting their religion dictate their social policy they have gone too far and infringing on the rights of everyone. We as citizens or as leader do not have to agree or even like what someone else does in their life or with their bodies but it is not our place to control others because of our personal likes or dislikes.

Job Killers

Most people across our state and country would agree that job creation and availability is very important to our individual lives, families, communities and overall health of our state and national economy. We have many things which are standing in the way of job creation and our individual financial security. In this case all too many key into the for or against big business aspect. Yes, many of the job killing things are related to big business. This part of the issue can take volumes to cover and will be addressed in future postings.

Standing up for the State

Montana needs a Governor who will not pick and choose what they stand up to the feds over. That is not a choice the Governor of a state has. The office requires (if the Governor) does their job to stand up for that states constitution, laws and it's people. The federal government by letter of the law only has control over things on the state level where the state has given that right to them to do so. If the state is not involved in activity which would be a direct threat to national security the feds loose hands down over what a state does.

Pipe Line Sell Out

Another case of our current governor selling out those he has claimed to support. After all his talk this last session about clean air water and so on I find it sickening that he would sell out on the pipeline deal. It craps on the faces of Montanans where environmental issues are concerned and on individual property rights. Not just for us here in Montana either, but others states as well. In the first place there is already a pipeline in place which runs into Oklahoma with a spur going into Illinois. Why reroute it? This useless project would run through a sizable piece of Montana across a broad section of our plains and over or through mountains. At what cost to the environment? Then in South Dakota it enters the Ogallala aquifer that supplies millions of people with drinking water. I have sense enough to know that we will leave some sort of imprint in order to supply us with and transfer of resources, but this is a $7 billion dollar piece of trash which uses BS and propaganda to line the billion dollar pocket books of a few at the expense of environment, personal property rights and at the pumps in order to offset the cost. This is one thing I will be following up on as the months go by. I'm confident it will be tied up for some time before construction begins (after election day hopefully). If there is anything which would allow me as governor to reverse this move if elected, I Will Do Just That.

Sticking Together

There is much ground work being laid for changes in our political system for the good. We need to continue this push or correcting the flawed system we now have. On the Internet and in conversations with literally thousands of people the story is the same. LET's Change Things! A problem exist here. Many are unsure of just what to to in order to help in this change or maybe just a little hesitant to make the stand publicly. Afraid to take the step outside the box and away from the normal groups in control even though they are fed up with them.

Power of the People

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Below is a quote taken from the Montana Coalition for Rights web page. I am in full support of their efforts and working with them on CI-109. If you are not familiar with this veture I encourage you to look into it. This is our chance once and for all to even the playing field so to speak between the will of the people and our elected officials. If you are one who is serious about retaining our rights as voters it is vital that you join with us in this effort.
" We are a Grassroots non-profit coalition of Montana voters, professionals and others dedicated to promoting, protecting and expanding the rights of all persons in the state of Montana.


Rep. Rehberg's co-sponsorship of H.R.1505 is a sad move and a slap in the face to Montanans. With the view of Federal interference and constant unchecked moves by Federal agencies, what was this man thinking. My bad, He wasn't. Unless it was thoughts of buttering up people in Washington for his future hopes of a Senate seat. The President has already set in place for us to be able to loose control over private lands to Federal agencies. This just helps to seal the deal. Are we as a people that scared of others that we are willing to bend to the fear mongers within our government whose only agenda is to manipulate and control the population at all cost.

Economic Messages of Candidates

The time has come to take stronger actions in my bid for the Governors seat in Montana. Since entering this race I have constantly pushed messages I would like to get across to my fellow Montanans. These messages for the most part have been more in the line of promotion of the ideas than they have been against any one particular candidate. My campaign will continue to in this path because it is all about the message. In doing so the time does come when even I have to point out differences between myself and other candidates and point to what I see as flaws in what they are saying.

Montana's National Guard

Montanans have always had a proud heritage of military service. For this my gratitude to those who have served runs deep. Our states' National Guard is primarily  meant to be for protecting and serving the state in times of crisis here at home. A legit use of these service personnel although a non military action would have been to help with the flood situation this year, gaining control of the Yellowstone oil line break and assisting with wild fires. These are a direct threat to our state, its people, and our lives.