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Here's Your Chance

    I want to take this moment once again to invite the citizens on Montana to ask questions. Feel free to contact me personally to ask about the things that concern you and/or give your comments. This is the best way for you to get to know me, where I stand on things and the direction I am looking at taking our state. It is also a great way for me to get to know how you as the bosses of our state feel about things. If you would be interested in just passing along a subject you would like to see addressed either on my web site or in a blog feel free to pass that along too.

Big vs Little

There is much which can be done for our economic situation and the betterment of all people. There are certain things which is not thought about when discussing this matter though. From one side all we here is help the big man and the little guys will benefit from the fall out. This is only partly true and then not in all instances. Misguided individuals set things in motion which help the big money people which at times do have an economic fall out that some of our lesser privileged people gain from.

Free Markets Work for All

There is much argument as to the ailments within our economy and how to fix it. In this all too many people want the government to do the fixing. Truth is, they can't. The only thing which can boost our economy and keep it stable is for a free people to be able to take advantage of their abilities, ideas and personal drive to do better in a free market place. I know there are many who will have a cow over the "free market" comment. It is time those people get a grip on reality. The only ones who should have a problem with that term are fear mongers, those who think that it only pertains to large companies, or those who think that everyone should be just alike.

Sad But Determined

We are at a sad point in our history. Our society has been brainwashed by extremist into believing that all political office holders must be of only two parties and those are to be controlled by the extreme from within those parties. It always has to be one way or the other regardless of the consequences to the people. In most these cases claiming to be the majority. That in itself is an outright lie. They are only the majority of minorities. They may win an election with 51% of the vote, but when you take into account that on average less than 35% of the people voted isn't saying much.


In Montana we have had much work for and against Medical Cannabis. I would like to bring up a few things concerning plant. Not all of it medical. To begin with there are a few pharma drugs still derived from original plants. Most however are made from a man made copy plant essence. The problem here is that science as good as it may be always seems to miss something so an exact chemical copy is not possible. So these drugs never work as good as a plant based med. Not to mention the human body is not designed to withstand this kind of harsh chemical attack without causing problems.

Ashamed and Sad

Aug.2,2011, I was in Great Falls for the day. There was an instance which made me sad and ashame of what our culture is coming to. A firetruck was trying to make it's way down 10th Ave., sirens blaring. Yet the traffic would not pull over to let this emergency vehicle through. This people is RUDE, CHILDISH, SELF-CENTERED AND NON CARING. These same people would be the first to raise hell if it were their home or a family member in need of emergency action and the crews could not get their in time. What ever happened to giving a damn and doing the right thing. Oh, I forgot. This is modern day America. My bad.

Weapons are Our Right and Protection

Although this is being played out on the National scene it is also one which effects us here in Montana in a big way. The U.N. wants to have total control world wide over the ownership of firearms. Obama and Clinton are pushing this and telling the U.N. that it will be a done deal. Problem here Evil Emperor President Obama, this is not yours to do. What you want done has to be approved by 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate. Next, Intergalactic Council U.N. has NO POWER WHAT SO EVER OVER WHAT WE DO ON U.

More Job Creation/Money Saving Points

Here's another on jobs. We have area of the state where the woodlands are so thick with growth that it is difficult for humans to be able to walk through. For large wildlife it is even worse. In some areas this has become such a problem that elk are moving to other areas. I am a firm believer in taking care of our environment and in making sure we have a sound ecosystem for years to come. In our efforts to protect this system and our wildlife, we have the habit of overkill. I have seen this happen in Mississippi when in the name of conservation it went too far and the deer population took a major hit.


Most things we do in life are intermingled whether we acknowlege it or not. This is the first of a series which will be posted on some of these issues. With this series I will also point out some of the insane things which are done within our culture. Please hang with me as I start this. Even though you may feel it is going no where, it all ties end and understanding will be yours.
This is a cross over comparison on medicine, and jobs. I must start by pointing out that the medical practices of MD's is called Alleopathic.


byRon Vandevenderon Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 8:40pm
Montana, a long history of strong people and an independant nature. A land full of riches, beauty and wide open spaces. A place where freedom has always been cherished. A place where the people have ruled the government more than being ruled by it. Of late we have taken a horrible turn in the other direction. We are every day being controlled more and more by a fringe group of uninformed, self-appointed dieties on one side of the isle and those who want to cave to Washington pressure on the other.