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Political Hypocracy

How Candidates are Taught to Win Elections

 Have you noticed that most campaigns for office sound pretty much alike. The reason they sound this way is because they are. I have and will continue to lay out specific points on how and why I feel certain things need to be done. If I point out something I see wrong with other candidates or their parties ways, I will do my best to say why and give an alternative. This my friends is not the norm.
Very few campaigns in recent history have been built on actual facts or ideas on solutions as much as they have been to demonize and finger pointing.

Voters Equally Responsible for the Trash We are in as the Politicians

Many things continue to lead us down the path of destruction in this state and nation. When was the last time that any of you can remember a 80 - 90% turn out of voters? Most likely not a chance anywhere in this country. At the risk of offending some people I must point out the fact that Americans as a whole have become basicly lazy. We complain about things yet do nothing to fix it. Most whine that they won't vote because it does no good. This is true and false. If they continue to go major party all the time it is true.

Just a Thought

A few thoughts to toss around here. Let's take a comparison of the US and Lybia. They have a tyranical government. We have a tyranical government. Their Leader tells them that they will do it his way or else. Regardless of what the people want. Our Leaders tell us that we will do it their way or else. Regardless of what the people want. Their governmental system does not allow by law the steps taken by the Lybian people to use their current means to do away with their system. Opps here's where we are different.