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Political Parties

The Road of Politics

The world of politics is like traveling down a highway from one location o another. We often wish for something different, yet when we come to an intersection with multiple options like two main roads and a couple less traveled, what do we tend to do? We stay on one of the main roads we are familiar with. Thus it's the same old tired trip, time and time again. All the while complaining about the road. All this complaining isn't going to change the trip nor the things we see. At best they will repave it to make us think it is better.

A Radical What If

We all know what it's like to feel like we are not getting represented. As if those who get elected are only thinking about the ones who think and feel as they do and nobody else matters. Yet we keep putting the same two sets of people in office over and over. Now lets think about this for a few minutes. There are two ways to do something about this. One is to start election 3rd party people in office to help get views from the rest of us that don't fit with the main 2. This doesn't have to be a majority.

Change Won't Come With the Big 2

Something for all to consider here. We all have seen the actions of the Republican Party, this includes Tea Partiers. With the exception of The Boston Tea Party(an actual political party) the Tea Party is nothing more than a fringe spur of the Repubs. Now many people won't change their support of the Repubs and actually think things will change. Or that the occational Good Guy in the party will make a difference. If you have never been in the active party workings you really don't realize how untrue this train of thought is.